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This is unreasonably hard for me to write, but I figured I should give this page an official end I guess.
The years that dA gave me were good ones and while I was never a successful artist or anything, it was always a nice pass-time and it was nice to have a place where I felt weirdly accepted and all.
It's stupidly hard for me but I think I'm going to go through and delete most of the stuff on this page. This profile is not really something I relate to anymore and I don't really want anything on it to be like...attached to who I am anymore. This was like... my 8th grade self, and I don't like the idea of people perceiving me as this person anymore. So for my own sake, I think I'll take most of this down. I'm going to save it, and screenshot all the lovely comments from people from like...3 years ago so I can look back at it whenever (because I have weird attachment issues...), but I just don't really want it out in the public anymore.
That being said, I'm not sure why I don't just deactivate this account? I dunno, someday I might, but my weird attachment issues are attached to leaving this up so who knows.
This is not out of anger or sadness or anything; today I'm probably the most at peace with myself I've been in a very long time, and in order to be able to move on in my life and continue to try and find who I am, I feel like I need to remove some stuff like this.
Coming back on here I looked at those who I followed, and I saw :iconflamingphoenixfox: and :iconnaminem: and :iconkurokurolikeaboss: 's works on their pages and just... wow. These three will probably be like the only ones that even see this and notice I'm gone, and so in return for years of good fun, I just figured I should point them out so that if anyone finds this page later, seriously go follow them instead. You all have improved SO much over the years and I'm incredibly proud of you even if we don't talk anymore. Seriously though, you guys are amazing artists, don't ever give up because you rock at what you do!! I know we're all kind of different now and we went our separate ways in a way, but I won't ever forget the fun we had back in younger grades and just how generally great you guys are. I wish only the best for you guys and I hope you're doing well <3 Stay gold, ponyboy!
I do still have some points left on this account which I forgot, so, I guess I may come back sometime to use those and maybe commission one of those three ^ or stalk :iconballisticbeignet: whose new account I just found (dude I can't believe you're still out there like woah nostalgia I miss talking to you a lot), something like that. I honestly don't know if I'll ever get back around to this site, but this page will still be here for if I do every once in a blue moon.
I'm not really sure what else to write so I guess I'll just finish it up here. Thanks for the love and good times, dA. To all of you mentioned in here, I hope you have a lovely day and a lovely year and a lovely life!
Never stop :la:ing
- :heart: xx


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Hey so I'm going to stop using this account, I don't think many people will notice or care, but oh well
We had a good run and I won't forget those weird years I spent here~
:bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletyellow: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: :bulletpurple:Go check out these people instead
:iconflamingphoenixfox: :iconnaminem: :iconballisticbeignet:
:iconrainpelt4eva: :iconsparrowstaralphawolf: :iconsilfe: :iconspiritfur: :iconkurokurolikeaboss:

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